Better Farm

Welcome to the Nutcher Milk Company’s family dairy, located in California’s agricultural rich Central Valley.

We’re a family owned & operated dairy founded in November of 2000 by third generation dairy farmer Rick Nutcher, his wife Debbie, and their three daughters Kayla, Casey, & Courtney. With a passion for farming and livestock, along with a nostalgic yearning for farm-to-table dairy, the Nutchers decided to build their own creamery to produce & bottle BETTER milk.

At Nutcher Milk, our mission is built on the fact that some companies have long forgotten…taste matters!

Better Process

We treat our cows like family, with respect and care. Our herd’s health & comfort is at the forefront of everything we do. Our cows receive homegrown forage, high quality alfalfa, hay & grains, weekly vet & nutritionist visits, misters and fans during warmer weather, and clean dry bedding every day.

Why? Because happy healthy cows produce BETTER tasting milk!

Better Milk

To ensure our milk retains that wholesome BETTER tasting flavor, it’s bottled and chilled within hours of collection. We limit handling, and use glass bottles to keep the milk cold, thus preserving our milk’s taste…consistently.