Better Process

Better Process

Better Feed

We love our cows, so they’re fed specialized diets based on their individual needs, such as age, weight, milk production, birthing status, and other variables.

A veterinarian dietician regularly adjusts the percentages of the highest quality oats, rolled corn, hay, and alfalfa each cow receives. By providing BETTER feed, and BETTER diets, we ensure a BETTER final product.

Better Care

See our cows chewing their cud? That means they’re happy and content. Cud chewing is a sign of a healthy diet, good digestion, and a relaxed unstressed cow.

We provide fresh bedding, cooling fans during warm weather, and a clean environment daily. All to promote BETTER chewing of the cud!

Better System

Our milk travels directly from the milking stalls through a quick cool refrigeration unit that cools the milk to 38° F (above grade A standards) and then into a 7,000 gallon holding tank, all within three minutes.

From the holding tank, the milk is transported to our processing room only 10 feet away. A single, self contained, processing room allows us to keep the raw milk at 38° F while it is homogenized, pasteurized, separated (for 2% milk), and finished.

Better in a Bottle

Our processing room also contains our bottling station. The finished milk goes directly into freshly cleaned and sanitized glass bottles … cold & fresh.

Glass bottles ensure that the taste and quality of our milk is preserved until you pour it at home and realize … it’s just BETTER.

Of course the bottles are recyclable too. Just bring them back to the store, and cash in!